AI Funding News: Week Ending 10.6

Welcome to the first week of Q4! Kicking it off with a bang, this week has been ablaze with AI funding fireworks.

AI Funding News: Week Ending 10.6
AI Funding News Week 10.6

Welcome to the first week of Q4! Kicking it off with a bang, this week has been ablaze with AI funding fireworks.

From seed rounds to later stage series, the AI sector is continuing to gain momentum.

Before we dive in take a look back at some of the largest investments (100M+) from Q3:

Largest AI Funding in Q3: Insights and Analysis
For this post we picked all funding over $100M in Q3 (July-Sept):

Now let's unpack it:

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USA:  🌎

  1. Iambic Therapeutics Raises $100M in Series B Financing - San Diego, CA - Biotechnology company, formerly known as Entos, developing novel therapeutics from its generative AI discovery platform, closed a $100m Series B financing.
  2. Raises $5.5M in Seed Funding - Houston, TX - Provider of a SaaS conversational AI technology platform for the automotive retail industry, raised $5.5M in seed funding.
  3. Gradient Raises $10M in Seed Funding - Burlingame, CA - API platform catering to AI developers, secured $10M in Seed funding.
  4. Aampe Raises $7.5M in Pre-Series A Funding - Raleigh, NC and Singapore - AI-native user engagement platform provider, secured $7.5M in Pre-Series A funding.
  5. rabbit Raises $20M in Funding - Los Angeles, CA - AI company focused on advancing an AI-powered personalized operating system, raised $20M in funding.
  6. Lemurian Labs Raises $9M in Funding - Toronto, Canada - Company offering computing solutions through a platform for AI applications, secured $9M in funding.
  7. Muir AI Raises $3.25M in Seed Funding - Seattle, WA - Climate tech startup, secured $3.25M in Seed funding.
  8. LANGaware Raises $2M in Funding - New York, NY - AI-driven healthcare technology firm, raised $2M in funding.
  9. Reserv Raises $20M in Series A Funding - New York, NY - AI-driven insurance claims processing firm, closed its $20M Series A financing.
  10. Amperon Raises $20M in Series B Funding - Houston, TX - Specializing in AI-powered electricity forecasts, secured $20M in Series B funding.
  11. Stampli Raises $61M in Series D Funding - Mountain View, CA - AI-powered accounts payable automation specialist, raised $61M in Series D funding.
  12. Vayu Robotics Raises $12.7M in Seed Funding - Palo Alto, CA - AI company offering robotics solutions, secured $12.7M in Seed funding.
  13. Visa Launches $100M Generative AI Ventures Initiative - Global payment leader Visa initiated a new $100M generative AI ventures program.
  14. Chai Receives Strategic Investment from CoreWeave at $450M Valuation Cap - Palo Alto, CA - Provider of a social AI platform, Chai, received a strategic investment from CoreWeave, valuing the company at a cap of $450M.
  15. Health Data Analytics Institute Raises $31M in Funding - Boston, MA - AI company named Health Data Analytics Institute (HDAI) focuses on empowering clinicians, optimizing care pathways, and enhancing patient outcomes. The firm secured $31M in Series C financing.
  16. AI Clearing Raises $14M in Series A Funding - Austin, TX - AI Clearing, providing an AI-powered autonomous construction progress tracking and quality control platform, raised $14M in Series A funding.


  1. Prins AI Raises $100M in Series B Funding - Technology company Prins AI, which employs advanced AI to craft digital identities for enterprises, brands, celebrities, and individuals, closed a $100M Series B financing round.
  2. Saidot Raises €1.75M in Seed Funding - Helsinki, Finland - Saidot, a provider of a SaaS governance platform, enabling enterprises and governments to safely utilize AI, secured €1.75M in Seed funding.
  3. EdgeCortix Closes $20M in Additional Funding Round - Tokyo, Japan - EdgeCortix, an edge AI semiconductor development and design company, raised $20M in an additional funding round.
  4. Unitary Raises $15M in Series A Funding - London, UK - Unitary, an AI-powered visual moderation enterprise, secured $15M in Series A funding.
  5. PandasAI Raises Over €1M in Pre-Seed Funding - Munich, Germany - PandasAI, a startup dedicated to creating a conversational AI Assistant for data analysis, secured more than €1M in Pre-Seed funding.

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