9 Top AI Newsletters (2023)

A list of AI newsletters to stay in the know!

9 Top AI Newsletters (2023)

As the AI industry grows, so does the number of newsletters trying to keep their readers up to date on the latest news.

It can be overwhelming to decide which newsletter to subscribe to.

According to Storydoc:

90% of Americans admit to being subscribed to at least one newsletter. A vast majority (74%) receive newsletters from between 1 and 10 entities.

In this post we break down some favorite newsletters and some stats:

1. Adepto:

Your go-to source for the latest AI startup, developments and insights.  

Readers: 100,000+ 

Audience: Professionals from companies such as Google, Microsoft and Nvidia. 

Written by: Jakob Klocker and Phil Hie

2. The Rundown:

A daily newsletter that posts latest news, tools, and step-by-step tutorials. The Rundown also has a tools database and ChatGPT guides

Written by: Rowan Cheung

Readers: 300,000+

Audience: Professionals from Sequoia, a16z, Benchmark, OpenAI, NVIDIA, Deepmind, Microsoft, Google & many more.

3. Ben's Bites:

Ben's Bites writes about top product launches, research, and news from the past 24 hours in a 5-min daily newsletter.

Written by: Ben Tossell

Readers: 120,000+

Audience: Professionals from Sequoia, a16z, Benchmark, OpenAI, NVIDIA, Deepmind, Microsoft, Google & many more.

4. The Neuron Daily:

Focuses on AI trends and tools

Readers: 150,000+

Audience: Professionals from companies such as Microsoft, Apple, Salesforce and more.

Written by: Pete Huang and Noah Edelman

5. You Probably Need a Robot:

A community and newsletter aimed at amplifying productivity with AI. They post timely news and information t collective of individuals employing AI to significantly enhance productivity, boost earnings, and enrich enjoyment.

Agency helping companies use AI to scale their growth by helping them earn more money and save employees.

Written by: Late Checkout

Bonus: Check out their free automation checklist

6. Alpha Signal:

A weekly summary of the top research papers, repos, and tweets identified by our AI models. Their algorithm identifies the latest topics discussed by world-class AI and ML researchers.

Content Focus: Technical

Readers: 120,000+

7. Import AI:

A weekly email, presenting real-world AI applications and discussing ethical concerns like machine learning bias.

Written by: Jack Clark - Anthropic, Co founder

Focus: Emphasizes the societal relevance of issues surrounding AI.

8. Not A Bot

The latest AI news with a focus on interviews and Q&A series with CEOs such as Maya Habib and Mark Cuban.

Readers: 50,000+ (Mark Cuban is one for their readers)

Written by: Haroon Choudery

9. The Daily Bite

One of the fastest growing newsletters in the AI space in a beautifully designed beehiiv newsletter.

Readers: 110,000+

Written by: Snack Prompt