Top AI Calendars 2024

These AI calendars just made your schedule a whole lot smarter

Top AI Calendars 2024

Say goodbye to double-booked meetings and hello to your new digital planner! Using AI, these apps effortlessly manage your events, meetings, and tasks by juggling your travel times, work hours, and all those high-priority must-dos. They're smart enough to learn from your habits and tweak your schedule to make your life easier.

Whether you're tapping into the AI-enhanced calendars from tech giants like Google, Apple, and Microsoft, or exploring niche options tailored for parents, students, or sales pros, there's an AI calendar ready to transform how you organize your day.

These AI calendars just made your schedule a whole lot smarter:

Clockwise - is like the Marie Kondo of meeting schedules—tidying up your calendar by finding the sweet spot for team meetings while safeguarding your precious focus time, lunch breaks, and even those pesky travel slots.

Motion AI - steps up as your personal AI calendar guru. Whether flying solo or juggling a team, just spill your priorities and to-dos into the app, and voilà! It whips up a tailor-made schedule that keeps you on track without breaking a sweat.

Reclaim AI - is your Google Calendar’s new best friend (and soon to buddy up with Outlook, too). Dream up some weekly habits, and Reclaim seamlessly slots them into your week. It’s like having a personal assistant who schedules your meetings and plays Tetris with them when conflicts arise. Now, that’s some serious digital wizardry!

Milo - the new AI calendar on the block designed to be a busy parent's scheduling sidekick! This nifty tool, currently in beta mode, is all about making family logistics a breeze. Milo is here to ensure that juggling soccer practices, parent-teacher meetings, and family time feels less like a circus and more like a well-oiled machine. They are also backed by some hefty brains and $$ from OpenAI and Y Combinator.