AI Funding News: Week Ending 5.10

Welcome back to your weekly whirlwind tour through the latest and greatest in AI funding feats.

AI Funding News: Week Ending 5.10

Hey there, industry insiders and AI aficionados! Welcome back to your weekly whirlwind tour through the latest and greatest in AI funding feats.

This week, we've got a hefty lineup from North America to EMEA, showcasing startups and stalwarts alike raking in the dough and pushing the boundaries of tech. From automating accounting to optimizing healthcare, these companies are not just riding the AI wave—they're making the waves!

So, strap in and let’s dive into the nitty-gritty of who's funding what and why it matters to the pulse of AI innovation. 🚀💡

North America:

  1. Numeric Raises $10M in Seed Funding
    San Francisco, CA and NYC - Numeric, an AI-powered accounting automation company, has successfully raised $10M in Seed funding.
  2. Daloopa Raises $18M in Series B Funding
    NYC - Daloopa, an AI-powered historical data provider, secures $18M in Series B funding.
  3. Panax Raises $15M in Funding
    NYC - Panax, an AI-driven cash flow management platform provider, has raised $15M.
  4. Pearl Receives Investment from Dental Innovation Alliance VC Fund I
    West Hollywood, CA - Pearl, specializing in AI solutions for dentistry, received an investment from Dental Innovation Alliance VC Fund I.
  5. Paxafe Raises $9M in Series A Funding
    Indianapolis, IN - Paxafe, offering AI-powered decision support solutions for cold chain logistics, raised $9M in Series A funding, bringing the total to $14M with contributions from various investors.
  6. RunPod Raises $20M in Seed Funding
    Mount Laurel, NJ - RunPod, empowering developers to deploy custom full-stack AI applications, has raised $20M in Seed funding.
  7. In-House Health Raises $4M Seed Funding
    Denver, CO - In-House Health, providing an AI-driven scheduling and management platform for modern nursing teams, raised $4M in Seed funding.
  8. XTEND Raises $40M in Series B Funding
    Tel Aviv, Israel - XTEND, the developer of an AI-driven operating system for human interaction with drones and robots, secures $40M in Series B funding.
  9. Atlan Raises $105M in Series C Funding
    San Francisco, CA - Atlan, a data and AI governance company, has raised $105M in Series C funding.
  10. Sift Healthcare Raises $20M in Series B Funding
    Milwaukee, WI - Sift Healthcare, providing AI-powered healthcare payment solutions, raised $20M in Series B funding.
  11. Archive Intel Raises $1M in Seed Funding
    Atlanta, GA - Archive Intel, offering communications archiving and compliance solutions driven by AI, raised $1M in Seed funding.
  12. Triomics Raises $15M in Funding
    San Francisco, CA - Triomics, advancing generative AI models to streamline workflows for cancer centers, raised $15M.
  13. Elementary Receives Strategic Investment from Rockwell Automation
    Los Angeles, CA - Elementary, an AI-powered machine vision company, received an investment from Rockwell Automation.
  14. OptMyCare Raises $3M in Series A Funding
    Dallas, TX - OptMyCare, a provider of a clinically engineered AI healthcare & risk management platform, raised $3M in Series A funding.
  15. DwellFi Raises $3M Seed Funding
    Palo Alto, CA - DwellFi, specializing in AI, blockchain, and tokenization solutions for private funds, has raised a total of $3M in Seed funding.
  16. Secures $15M in Series A Funding
    Boston, MA -, offering an AI optimization platform for healthcare, raised $15M in Series A funding.
  17. Stella Automotive AI Raises $19.7M in Series A Funding
    Tampa, FL - Stella Automotive AI, developing automotive artificial intelligence technology, raised $19.7M in Series A funding.


  1. Hexis Raises £1.6M in Pre-Seed Funding
    London, UK - Hexis, a developer of AI-driven fuelling plans for athletes, raised £1.6M in Pre-Seed funding.
  2. Fairgen Raises $8M in Seed Funding
    Tel Aviv, Israel - Fairgen, a company generating AI responses to surveys, raised $8M in Seed funding.
  3. Wayve Raises $1.05 Billion in Series C Funding
    London, UK - Wayve, integrating advanced AI into vehicles and robots, raised $1.05 Billion in Series C funding.
  4. Simplifai Receives Investment From Idékapital
    Oslo, Norway - Simplifai, specializing in AI automation solutions for insurance and banking, received an investment from Idékapital.


  1. Freepik Acquires Magnific
    Málaga, Spain - Freepik, a tech company providing a design platform with audio-visual resources and generative AI tools, acquired Magnific, a Murcia, Spain-based AI image tool provider.
  2. Reveal Acquires Onna
    Chicago, IL and NYC - Reveal, an AI-powered eDiscovery, review, and investigations platform provider, has acquired Onna Technologies, known for managing unstructured data from cloud-based collaboration tools.
  3. Spectral Labs Joins Hugging Face’s ESP Program
    New York, New York - Spectral is excited to announce joining Hugging Face’s Expert Support Program to advance the Onchain x Open-Source AI Community.
  4. Intain Acquires New York, NY - Intain, specializing in digital structured finance, acquired Singapore-based, known for transforming unstructured documents and data into actionable insights.
  5. Docusign Acquires Lexion for $165M
    San Francisco, CA - Docusign, a leader in intelligent agreement management, acquired Lexion, a provider of AI-powered agreement management software, for $165M.

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