What is Sensory AI?

Let's unpack sensory AI and the companies being built in this niche.

What is Sensory AI?

Ready for a sensory overload? That's where AI is heading within this sub-niche of artificial intelligence called "Sensory AI."Sensory AI

Sensory AI refers to systems that learn just like humans do, through a cocktail of sensory inputs: vision, hearing, smell, etc.

Why Should You Care?

Companies are springing up that specialize in sensory AI that can be trained on data sets for a specific niche, such as customer preferences and market trends across the wine flavors, to generate combinations that would be best suited for a new release targeting a specific demographic. 

Sensory AI Examples:

  • Tastry: A sensory AI company that knows a thing or two about wine. They use AI to offer personalized wine recommendations and even help in creating new wine products.
  • EveryHuman: is an AI perfume company. Their approach uses AI to craft perfumes that are tailored to your taste.
  • ImageBind: It's currently under wraps at Meta, but from what we know this model can learn from six types of sensory data. The goal is to be able to generate multisensory content in the future.
  • Ozmo: Google’s Cloud team project to “digitizing smell” using AI. Their AI model analyzes massive amounts of data to help identify scents.