AI Funding News: Week Ending 3.1

This past week has seem some major investments across robotics and ai.

AI Funding News: Week Ending 3.1

We got robots trying to come to our homes, work assistants, and ai that can predict mutations for vaccine development. Welcome to this week's round up of ai and robotics funding across the globe!

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Lets dive in:

USA: Receives Strategic Investment from Crosslink Capital
- Lehi, UT -, specializing in AI-driven test automation solutions, received a strategic investment from Crosslink Capital.

Bench IQ Secures $2.1M in Funding - Toronto, Canada - Bench IQ, an AI-powered legal technology company, raised $2.1M in funding.

Figure Raises $675M in Series B; at $2.6B Valuation - Sunnyvale, CA - Figure, an AI robotics company developing general-purpose humanoid robots, raised $675M in Series B funding, at a $2.6 Billion valuation.

Autogon AI Receives Funding from Fast Forward Venture Studio - Houston, TX - Autogon AI, a no-code AI orchestration platform, received funding from Fast Forward Venture Studio.

Shader Raises $580K in Funding - San Francisco, CA - Shader, a provider of an AI-powered real-time camera app, raised $580K in funding.

Slice Raises $7M in Seed Funding - Wilmington, DE and Tel Aviv, Israel - Slice, a provider of a global equity platform utilizing AI for continuous compliance, raised $7M in Seed funding.

Lionize Raises $2M in Funding - New York, NY - Lionize, a provider of an AI-driven influencer search tool and marketing platform, raised $2M in funding.

AiDash Extends Series C Funding Round - San Jose, CA - AiDash, an enterprise SaaS company making infrastructure industries climate sustainable with satellites and AI, received an investment from Duke Investments.

Looq AI Raises $2.6M in Seed Funding - San Diego, CA - Looq AI, a survey technology platform company dedicated to advancing critical infrastructure digitization and analysis, raised $2.6M in Seed funding.

HuLoop Raises $5M in Seed Funding - Auburn, CA - HuLoop Automation, an AI-powered intelligent automation company, raised $5M in Seed funding.

Codified Raises $4M in Seed Funding - Seattle, WA - Codified, a generative AI-powered data governance startup, raised $4M in Seed funding.

Collov AI Secures $10M in Series A Funding - San Francisco, CA - Collov AI, a provider of an AI design tool for furniture, raised $10M in Series A funding.

Parspec Raises $11.5M in Seed Funding - San Mateo, CA - Parspec, a provider of an AI-powered software platform that streamlines the selection and sale of construction products, raised $11.5M in Seed funding.

Exodigo Closes $105M Series A Funding - Tel Aviv, Israel and Palo Alto, CA - Exodigo, an AI underground mapping solutions provider, raised $105M in Series A funding.

Glean Raises Over $200M in Series D Funding - Palo Alto, CA - Glean, a provider of an AI-powered work assistant, raised over $200M in Series D funding, at a $2.2 Billion valuation.

Intenseye Secures $64M in Series B Funding - New York, NY - Intenseye, an AI-powered workplace safety solutions company, raised $64M in Series B funding.

Enkrypt AI Raises $2.35M in Funding - Boston, MA - Enkrypt AI, enabling the adoption of Generative AI within enterprises, raised $2.35M in funding.

Reveleer Raises $65M in Financing - Glendale, CA - Reveleer, an AI-powered healthcare technology data and analytics company, raised $65M in funding.

Myko AI Raises $2.7M in Seed Funding - Miami, FL - Myko AI, a developer of conversational AI for sales and revenue team data, raised $2.7M in Seed funding.

FlowGPT Raises $10M Pre-Series A Funding - Berkeley, CA - FlowGPT, a platform fostering an open ecosystem for AI application creators and the community, raised $10M in Pre-Series A funding.

NLX Raises $12M in Series A Funding - New York, NY - NLX, a provider of an end-to-end enterprise AI platform to power customer experiences for large brands, raised $12M in Series A funding.

InsightRX Receives Growth Financing - San Francisco, CA - InsightRX, a software company leveraging quantitative pharmacology and AI, received Growth financing from CIBC Innovation Banking.

Abridge Receives Additional $150M Investment - Pittsburgh, PA - Abridge, specializing in generative AI for clinical documentation, received an additional $150M investment.

Hace Raises £450K in Pre-Seed Funding - Manchester, UK - Hace, a provider of a Child Labour Index with an AI-powered specialized ESG rating, raised £450K in Pre-Seed funding.

Baseimmune Closes £9M Series A Funding - London, UK - Baseimmune, a biotech company using deep learning AI to predict future pathogen mutations for novel vaccines, raised £9M in Series A funding.

RoleMapper Raises £2.1M in Funding - Exeter, UK - RoleMapper, an AI-powered job management platform, raised £2.1M in funding.

Photoroom Raises $43M in Series B Funding - Paris, France - Photoroom, an AI photo editor, raised $43M in Series B funding.

Graide Raises £1.6M in Funding - Birmingham, UK - Graide, an AI and machine learning platform for teachers, raised £1.6M in funding.

CellVoyant Raises £7.6M in Seed Funding - Bristol, UK - CellVoyant, an AI-first biotechnology spin-out accelerating the development of new stem cell therapies, raised £7.6M in Seed funding. The round was led by Octopus Ventures, with participation from Horizons Ventures, Verve Ventures, and Air Street Capital.


Exelab Acquires The Client Group - Milan, Italy - Exelab, a System Integrator Enterprise of HubSpot, acquired The Client Group, a company specializing in Data Management, Business Process Optimization, and AI.

Jasper Acquires Clipdrop - Austin, TX / Paris, France - Jasper, a generative AI app company, acquired Clipdrop, a provider of an AI image creation and editing platform.

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