Secoda Raised $14M Series A

Secoda is an AI-powered data search and cataloging platform.

Secoda Raised $14M Series A
Source: Secoda

Funding Details:

  • Funding led by: Craft Ventures
  • Participation from: Abstract Ventures, YCombinator, Garage Capital, Jordan Tigani (CEO of MotherDuck), Scott Breitenother (CEO of Brooklyn Data Co.), Chad Sanderson (CEO of, and Tristan Handy (CEO of dbt)
  • Purpose of Funding: To amplify operations and expedite development initiatives.
  • Customers Include: Panasonic, Mode, and Vanta

About: Secoda is a platform that serves as a confluence point for data cataloging, lineage, and documentation, thus rendering a seamless data discovery avenue for data teams. By autonomously assimilating metadata from diverse data sources, Secoda's platform ensures that robust, informed decisions can be made from a singular system, eliminating the conventional hassles of data fragmentation and redundancy.