Satim Raised $2M in Funding

Satim has carved a niche for itself with its commendable 90% accuracy in object classification on satellite SAR images.

Satim Raised $2M in Funding
Source: Satim

Funding led by: Cultivation Capital

Participation from: Verissimo Ventures, The Flying Object, Everywhere Ventures, Hustle Fund, StartupIst Ventures, and an undisclosed investor from Eastern Europe

Total Funding Amount: $3.1M

Funds Use: Enhancement of its technological capabilities and functions.

Customers Include: Military, government, and commercial sectors.

About: Satim - headquartered in Kraków, Poland, is renowned for SATREC, an AI-infused software that offers automatic object detection, identification, and classification capabilities via satellite SAR (synthetic aperture radar) imagery. Their solution offers a mechanism for strategic site monitoring and maritime situational understanding.