RevSure.AI Raises Additional $6M

RevSure.AI Raises Additional $6M

Funding led by - Neotribe Ventures and Innovation Endeavors.

W/ Participation from:

  • Operator Collective and Correlation Ventures
  • Alex Salazar (former founder/CEO of Stormpath)

"RevSure uncovers what’s happening in the marketing and sales funnel so companies know exactly what’s working, how much leakage is occurring, and where to focus resources to win more deals,” said Alex Salazar, Partner at Neotribe Ventures.

Total Funding Amount - $10m Seed Funding Round

Customers Include - BigID, Zeotap, and SnapLogic

Funds Use: Product, engineering, and AI technology to grow their go-to-market strategy.

About: Founded in 2021 RevSure.AI is the AI-fueled pipeline acceleration company that provides companies with unprecedented insight into pipeline generation health and how to prioritize marketing investments.