Retail Robotics Solutions Raised €0.5M

Retail Robotics Solutions' AI-driven self-service checkout solutions for the dining experience

Retail Robotics Solutions Raised €0.5M
Source: Retail Robotics Solutions

Company Name: Retail Robotics Solutions
Location: Paris, France
Business Focus: AI-driven self-service checkout solutions for the dining experience

Funding Details:

  • Funding led by: Ariel Investments Corp
  • Total Funding Amount: €0.5M (for 6.25% equity stake)
  • Purpose of Funding: To amplify its market presence in Europe and refine its solutions tailored for restaurants and corporate canteens

Product: RRS Robot-Cashier - an AI and neural network-driven solution designed to minimize customer wait times and bring about cost efficiencies for businesses

At the head of Retail Robotics Solutions is CEO Dmitry Rodin. The company's cornerstone product, RRS Robot-Cashier, harnesses the power of AI and neural networks to redefine the dining experience by drastically reducing wait times for customers and paving the way for significant cost savings for businesses. With an ambitious vision for the future, RRS has charted out its growth trajectory. By the culmination of 2023, the firm is gearing up for a Series A investment round, with its sights set on the expansive US market, particularly zeroing in on self-service eateries and corporate canteen providers.

A subsequent Series B investment is anticipated around May-June 2024, where the emphasis will be on bolstering research and development to make inroads into the broader retail domain. Further cementing its stature in the startup ecosystem, RRS is a distinguished member of Station F, a prestigious startup incubator in France.