OpenAI acquired AI Design Company Global Illumination

OpenAI acquired Global Illumination and brought on their entire team.

OpenAI acquired AI Design Company Global Illumination
Source: Global Illumination/OpenAI 

Acquisition: OpenAI has integrated the entire team from Global Illumination.

Founders of Global Illumination: Thomas Dimson, Taylor Gordon, and Joey Flynn.

About Global Illumination:

Global Illumination utilizing artificial intelligence to craft creative tools, sophisticated infrastructure, and immersive digital experiences. AI design

Key achievements include:

  • Pioneering and developing foundational products during the nascent stages of platforms like Instagram and Facebook.
  • Making noteworthy contributions to the success and evolution of platforms like YouTube, Google, Pixar, Riot Games, among others.

OpenAI's Vision:

The integration of the Global Illumination team with OpenAI is to align with OpenAI's overarching objective of augmenting their core offerings, including ChatGPT.

Future Outlook:

The synergy between OpenAI's groundbreaking research and Global Illumination's approach to AI-driven creative tools promises a future with advanced solutions, enhanced user experiences, and a further democratization of AI.