Jabbr Closed $750K Funding Round

Jabbr is gearing up to unveil their public MVP by the beginning of September this year.

Jabbr Closed $750K Funding Round
Source: Jabbr

Funding Amount: USD 750K
Backers: PreSeed Ventures, Accelerace, and various angel investors

Company's Purpose for Funding:

  1. Enhance operations.
  2. Boost development efforts.

About Jabbr:

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
Founders: Allan Svejstrup and Elias Obeid
Product/Service: Jabbr specializes in innovating the user experience in combat sports through cutting-edge technology. Jabbr has pioneered a computer vision AI system, "DeepStrike", adept at evaluating athlete performances during fights and sparring exercises. This system can instantaneously produce analytical metrics on 50 distinct aspects, offering insights into a fighter's strengths and potential areas for improvement.

DeepStrike can autonomously compile individual highlight reels and can even transform the feed from static cameras to emulate the quality of a professional TV broadcast.