Social Discovery Group Tackles Loneliness with AI

The Social Discovery Group dropped some eye-opening statistics about the loneliness epidemic and how AI can solve it.

Social Discovery Group Tackles Loneliness with AI

The Social Discovery Group – home to a whopping 40+ dating and buddy-finding apps – just dropped some eye-openers about the loneliness epidemic. Turns out, a huge 67% of their users are now turning to AI to find friends and flames, with app engagement soaring by 35% since last year.

Dmitry Volkov, the big boss at SDG, spins a fresh take on tech. Yes, those screens might've earned a rep for building walls between us, but Volkov’s betting big on AI to fight the loneliness blues.

“AI companions solve many issues that people are facing when it comes to relationship anxiety or isolation. Singles are leaning on digital platforms to create bonds that go beyond in-person interactions which offers Social Discovery Group an important opportunity when it comes to our offerings." -Volkov

The Scoop from the Report:

  • Gen Z leads: 46% of Gen Zers are swiping right on apps for friendship, dwarfing the numbers seen in millennials (15%) and Gen X (9%).
  • AI as a wingman: A good chunk of men (38%) are using AI to articulate their feelings and desires more clearly, while 42% report reduced anxiety around intimate topics thanks to AI.
  • Fighting quarrels with code: 64% credit AI with giving them the tools to defuse real-life arguments.
  • Loneliness by the numbers: Over half the users turn to these platforms to sidestep solitude, with virtual chats providing a substantial buffer against isolation.

SDG’s all-in on AI, pushing it as the ultimate sidekick in our quest for connection. They’re making sure that while their apps are great at setting up dates, they’re also ace at dialing down the alone-time.

There you have it—next time you feel a pang of the solos, maybe let a friendly AI take you out for a spin around the digital block.