Continuity Raises €10M in Series A Funding to Enhance AI-Powered Risk Detection for Insurers

Company Name: Continuity
Location: Paris, France
Sector: Insurtech, Artificial Intelligence
Funding Details: Raised €10M in Series A funding. The round was led by 115K with participation from Elaia and Bpifrance.

Purpose of Investment: To expand operations and enhance development efforts.

Leadership: Led by CEO Benoît Pastorelli.

Product: Continuity offers an AI-powered risk detection platform designed specifically for professional and commercial insurers. The platform facilitates streamlined underwriting processes from portfolio entry through the entire contract lifecycle, offering actionable insights that improve profitability and efficiency.

About Company: Continuity is revolutionizing the insurance industry by providing advanced tools that enable insurers to improve risk assessment accuracy during underwriting and maintain optimal risk monitoring over time. The platform integrates seamlessly with existing insurer workflows, providing a robust solution for managing and analyzing risk.

Partnerships: Continuity is trusted by major insurance companies such as AXA, Crédit Agricole, Entoria, Groupama, MACIF, IME, Sada Assurances, Wakam, and Hiscox. These partnerships underscore the platform's effectiveness and the industry's confidence in Continuity’s technology to enhance their risk management processes.

Impact: With the new funding, Continuity plans to expand its technological capabilities and increase its operational scale. This expansion will allow Continuity to serve a broader segment of the insurance market, further embedding AI-driven solutions in everyday insurance operations, thereby transforming how insurers assess and manage risks.

Future Outlook: As Continuity continues to grow and refine its offerings, the company is well-positioned to become a leader in the AI-driven transformation of the insurance industry. With a strong foundation in risk detection and analysis, Continuity is paving the way for more predictive and proactive insurance practices globally.