Cogito Raised Undisclosed Funding

Cogito is a real-time AI coaching and guidance for contact centers and frontline teams.

Cogito Raised Undisclosed Funding
Source: Cogito

Company Name: Cogito
Location: Boston, MA
Sector: Enterprise AI Coaching

Major Participant: Goldman Sachs
Participation from: Telcom Ventures, Schechter Private Wealth, Safar Partners, and Lions Capital
Purpose of Investment: Accelerate innovations for reducing employee and customer complexities and enhancing customer satisfaction
Leadership: CEO Josh Feast
Product: Real-time AI coaching and guidance for contact centers and frontline teams.

About: Cogito specializes in providing human-aware and human-empowering coaching and insights to support agents and supervisors in improving effectiveness, experience, and empathy.
Clients: 8 of the Fortune 25, leverage Cogito for improved team and customer connections.

Analysis: Cogito's recent funding signifies a growing need for real-time AI solutions in the enterprise sector. Their focus on enhancing the human element in customer service, backed by notable investors, demonstrates a strategic approach to improving both employee performance and customer satisfaction. The appointment of key executives showcases the company's commitment to growth and innovation, positioning them well for future success.