5 Best Podcasts about AI (2024)

A list of AI podcasts to stay in the know!

5 Best Podcasts about AI (2024)

1. The Next Wave:

Hosted Matt Wolfe, Nathan Lands & in the Hubspot Podcast Network. The Next Wave is your personal Chief AI Officer who brings fresh takes and industry insights on how to implement AI to grow your business.

2. Everyday AI Podcast:

Hosted by Jordan Wilson simplifies AI to give advice on how to boost your career, business and everyday life.

3. Podcast.ai:

Remember the AI video that circulated of Joe Rogan interviewing Steve Jobs? Podcast.ai created that. They have a weekly podcast of celebrity guests interviewing each other that is completely generated by AI. You can even suggest ideas for the team to create.

4. This Week in Startups:

Hosted by All-In bestie Jason Calacanis is not solely about AI, but has a new segment about AI demos. Showcasing new AI companies releasing products.

5. The AI Podcast:

NVIDIA's own podcast about AI’s impact on our world. Each episode features interviews covering various topics, from astrophysics to business and how AI impacts their industries.