AirMDR Raises $5M to Advance AI-Powered Cybersecurity Solutions

Company Name: AirMDR
Location: Menlo Park, CA
Sector: Cybersecurity
Funding Details: Raised $5M in funding. The round was led by Foundation Capital with participation from Storm Ventures. Sid Trivedi from Foundation Capital has joined the AirMDR board.

Purpose of Investment: To expand research and development and accelerate market entry.

Leadership: Led by CEO Kumar Saurabh.

Product: AirMDR specializes in Autonomous Managed Detection and Response (MDR) solutions, using AI-driven virtual analysts to enhance cybersecurity. These virtual analysts handle the majority of tasks typically performed by human analysts, such as triage, investigation, and response, using Natural Language Processing (NLP). The platform's automated playbooks are designed for quick setup and execution, significantly reducing the time required for investigations compared to traditional human analyst-driven approaches.

About Company: AirMDR is transforming the cybersecurity landscape by significantly automating the detection and response process. Its solution ensures consistent documentation and comprehensive remediation of security incidents, providing full transparency and learning opportunities from each incident. Additionally, AirMDR boasts extensive integration capabilities, supporting a wide range of tech stacks with over 200 integrations out of the box, covering the majority of integration needs for customers.