Ai Funding News: Week Ending 9.15

We've seen 3 major investments way over $100m from Helsing defense-focused AI bringing in a whopping €209M, Imbue raising $200M, to Databricks' jaw-dropping $500M raise in pushing their valuation to an insane $43B.

Ai Funding News: Week Ending 9.15
Ai Funding News Week Ending 9.15

Welcome to this week's round up Ai companies that raised funding.

From seed funds to series rounds, the past week has seen an explosive influx of investments in AI startups from every corner of the globe.

Whether it's healthcare or defense, the promise of artificial intelligence continues to capture funding from investors.

We've seen 3 major investments way over $100m from Helsing defense-focused AI bringing in a whopping €209M, Imbue raising $200M, to Databricks' jaw-dropping $500M raise in pushing their valuation to an insane $43B.

Let's dive in a bit further to understand the forces driving the future of this transformative technology.:

USA 🌎 :

  1. Carenostics Raises $5M in Seed Funding
    New York, NY - Healthcare AI startup focusing on chronic disease.
  2. Duckbill Raises $33M in Seed and Series A Funding
    Boston, MA - Execution engine providing a blend of personal assistance and AI's efficiency.
  3. Sailes Raises $5.1M in Series A Funding
    Kansas City, MO / NYC - AI startup developing Sailebots to automate the prospecting lifecycle.
  4. Databricks Raises Over $500M in Series I Funding
    San Francisco, CA - Data and AI company valued at $43B.
  5. Patronus AI Launches Out of Stealth With $3M in Seed Funding
    NYC - Provides automated evaluation and security platform for LLMs.
  6. Pixis Raises $85M in Series C1 Funding
    Chicago, IL - Codeless AI infrastructure for marketing.
  7. Glass Health Raises $5M in Funding
    San Francisco, CA - AI-powered clinical decision support platform.
  8. ReSeed Closes $4.6M Seed Funding
    Pittsburgh, PA - AI-powered regenerative nature-based services provider.
  9. Deduce Raises $9M in Funding
    NYC - Technology to prevent AI-generated identity fraud.
  10. DeLorean Artificial Intelligence Raises $7.55M in Series A Funding
    Miami, FL - AI technology development company.
  11. Science On Call Raises $2.6M in Seed Financing
    Chicago, IL - AI-powered help desk for restaurants.
  12. Raises $7M in Seed Funding
    Seattle, WA - Collaboration platform for developers to build/manage data assets.
  13. Usage.AI Raises $9M in Funding
    NYC - Identifies cloud savings.
  14. Imbue Raises $200M in Series B Funding
    San Francisco, CA - AI research company.

EMEA 🌍 :

  1. Helsing Raises €209M in Series B Funding
    Munich, Germany - Defense AI company.
  2. Prisma Photonics Raises Approximately $20M in Series C Funding
    Tel Aviv, Israel - AI-driven startup that monitors large-scale infrastructure.
  3. Kuano Raises £1.8M in Funding
    Cambridge, UK - Drug discovery company integrating quantum mechanics and AI to design innovative medicines.
  4. Iomed Raises €10M in Funding
    Barcelona, Spain - Specializes in AI-powered technology for healthcare data activation.
  5. Treefera Raises $2.2M in Pre-Seed Funding
    London, UK - Provider of an AI-powered data platform.
  6. Druid Raises $30M in Series B Funding
    Bucharest, Romania - Conversational AI technology company.
  7. traide Raises Seven-Figure Funding
    Berlin, Germany - AI startup offering a B2B SaaS platform to automate customs processes.

Acquisitions 🤝:

  1. Logility Acquires Garvis
    Atlanta, GA - Logility, specializing in prescriptive supply chain planning solutions, acquires Garvis, a SaaS from Antwerp, Belgium, combining large language models (ChatGPT) with AI-native demand forecasting.

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