AI Funding News: Week Ending 8.25

This week saw some massive investments in AI.

AI Funding News: Week Ending 8.25
AI Funding News Week Ending 8/25

This week saw some massive investments in AI.  Heavyweights such as Hugging Face, Modular, and Anthropic grabbed headlines with their significant funding rounds.

From AI platforms designed for global enterprises to those mastering healthcare workflow automation, even golf, there's no niche left untouched.

Dive in as we unwrap the week's most impactful deals in AI:

Lets go:

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  1. Modular Raised $100M in Funding
    A provider of AI development tools for enterprises.
  2. Aily Labs Raised €19M in Series A Funding
    Munich, Germany - A provider of an AI-powered decision intelligence app for global enterprises.
  3. Hugging Face Raised $235M Series D Funding at $4.5 Billion Valuation
    NYC and Paris, France - An open-source AI platform.
  4. Irys Insurtech Secures $3.5M in Seed Funding
    Tampa, FL - A fintech SaaS company providing AI-driven solutions for the insurance industry.
  5. Keona Health Secures $7M in Series A1 Funding
    Raleigh – Durham, NC - A health-tech company using AI for scheduling, triage, and communication.
  6. Ikigai Labs Secures $25M in Series A Funding
    San Francisco, CA - A provider of a generative AI platform for tabular data.
  7. Irreverent Labs Receives Strategic Investment from Samsung Next
    Bellevue, WA - An AI company focused on developing technology for video entertainment.
  8. AI Gun Detection Video Platform, ZeroEyes raised $23M in funding
    Philadelphia, PA - The creator of an AI-based gun detection video analytics platform.
  9. Modyfi Raised $7M in Seed Round Funding
    Los Angeles, CA - A provider of an AI-native design platform and image editor.
  10. Raised $3M in Seed Round Funding
    San Francisco, CA - A provider of generative AI apps with tools allowing businesses to monitor their language model operations (LLMOps), connect to multiple large language models (LLMs) and manage prompts.
  11. Now Insurance Raised Funding from Arch Capital Group
    San Francisco, CA - Now Insurance, an AI-enabled commercial insurance platform specializing in medical professional liability coverage, received undisclosed funding from Arch Capital Group.
  12. Sizzle AI Raised $7.5M in Seed Round Funding
    New York - A company dedicated to creating direct-to-learner AI-products.
  13. Synthpop Raised $2.6M in Seed Funding
    Wellesley, MA - An AI firm providing assistants for healthcare workflow automation.
  14. Crowda Gains $1M in Pre-Seed Funding + Ongoing Crowdfunding
    Houston, TX - An AI-powered funding platform aiming to enhance and streamline real estate development projects.
  15. Writerly AI Raised $2M in Funding
    Nashville, TN - Writerly AI, an innovator in AI-powered writing tools, has successfully raised $2M in its initial funding round.
  16. Genesis Therapeutics Closed $200M Series B Round
    A Burlingame, CA - AI tech firm, Genesis Therapeutics, known for pioneering medicines for patients with severe illnesses, has garnered a significant $200M in its Series B funding.
  17. Anthropic Receives $100M Investment From SKT
    San Francisco, CA - receiving a whopping $100M investment. SKTVC is the venture capital division of the renowned NYSE-listed firm, SKT.
  18. Verdigris Technologies Raised $10M Funding
    Moffett Field, CA - Verdigris Technologies, a provider specializing in AI-driven energy management systems, has successfully secured $10M in funding.
  19. Arccos Raised Funding From PGA Tour
    Stamford, Conn. - known for its on-course tracking system and leadership in AI connectivity, has successfully raised a funding round.
  20. Prins AI Raises $22M in Series A+
    An AI-driven digital persona training product provider, Prins AI Technology, Ltd, has secured an impressive $22M in its Series A+ funding.
  21. NeaChat Joins NVIDIA Inception Program
    Hong Kong - NeaChat, a generative AI startup, announced its official membership in the NVIDIA Inception Program.
  22. Moonbox Received Investment from Bing Ventures
    An AI and Web3 startup focusing on an NFTs ecosystem, Moonbox, has secured an investment from Bing Ventures, the corporate venture capital division of the global cryptocurrency exchange, BingX.

Acquisitions 🤝

  1. Canto Acquires MerlinOne
    Atlanta, GA - leader in digital asset management (DAM) software, Canto, has announced its acquisition of MerlinOne. The Massachusetts-based DAM firm, MerlinOne, is recognized for its AI-centric solutions designed to streamline the organization and retrieval of digital content.
  2. Engageware Acquires Aivo
    Boston, MA - A provider of cloud-based customer engagement software.
  3. Trive Capital Acquires Hypergiant Industries
    Dallas, TX - A private equity firm Trive Capital acquired Austin, TX-based Hypergiant Industries, a provider of AI-enabled cloud-based command and control technologies and deployed solutions.
  4. AeroVironment Acquires Tomahawk Robotics
    Arlington, VA - A company that specializes in AI-enabled robotic control systems.

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