Ai Funding News Week Ending - 6.30

That's a wrap on Q2! The figures are large, the stakes are high, and the future of artificial intelligence has never looked brighter!

Ai Funding News Week Ending - 6.30
Ai Funding News Week Ending 6.30

That's a wrap on Q2! The figures are large, the stakes are high, and the future of artificial intelligence has never looked brighter!

Talk about going out with a bang — the AI world witnessed a billion-dollar investment from some of the top investors including Sam Altman.  And as if that wasn't remarkable enough, 3 separate investments over the $100 million mark!

So before you hit the BBQ to grill for the holidays sit back, grab your favorite beverage, and join us as we delve in.

Happy 4th of July and Happy Canada Day!

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Inflection AI Raised $1.3 Billion of Funding
Palo Alto, CA -  ‘AI Studio’ specializing in creating personal AIs. They are building a large AI cluster comprising 22,000 NVIDIA H100 Tensor Core GPUs. Investors include Microsoft, Reid Hoffman, Bill Gates, Eric Schmidt, and NVIDIA.

GeologicAI Raised $20M Series A Funding
Calgary, Canada - Developing AI-driven core scanning robots and software.

Causely Raises $8.8M in Seed Funding
Boston, MA - automates the end-to-end detection, prevention and remediation of critical defects that can cause user and business impact in application environments.

Runway Raises $141M in Addiditional Series C Funding
New York,NY - Applied Al research company that builds the next generation of creativity tools.

Cyware Raises $30M Series C Funding
New York, NY - AI-powered cybersecurity solutions for enterprises and MSSPs.

Typeface Raises $100M in Series B Funding
San Francisco, CA - Generative AI platform for enterprise content creation.

Celestial AI Raises $100M in Series B Funding
Santa Clara, CA - Celestial AI is building a robust Photonic Fabric ecosystem consisting of AI compute, memory suppliers, and high-volume commercial supply chain partners.

Gleamer Raises €27M in Series B Funding
Paris, France - Manufacturer of AI-powered solutions for medical imaging.

Contoro Robotics Raises $4.7M in Seed Funding
Austin, TX - Augmenting robot intelligence with AI and teleoperation.

JustPaid Raised $3.5M in Seed Funding
New York, NY - AI-powered finance company that helps startups control their spending and gives them financial oversight.

BeeKeeperAI Raises $12.1M in Series A Funding
San Francisco, CA - BeeKeeper is a accelerating healthcare AI for algorithm owners and data stewards through a secure, Zero Trust collaboration platform.

Sixty AI Raises $3.5M in Seed Funding
Portland, Oregon - AI-Powered Personal Relationship Management platform.

Zenarate Raises $15M in Funding
Palo Alto, CA - AI Simulation Training solution for customer and prospect-facing agents. Raises $4M in Pre-Seed Funding
San Francisco, CA - an intellectual property engine provider committed to safeguarding intellectual property and protecting it.

Warp Raises $50M Series B Funding Round
NYC, New York - Rust-based terminal with AI built in for developers to build software.  Investors include Sequoia Capital, Sam Altman, and Tobi Lutke.

Renatus Robotics Raises USD2M in Seed Funding
Tokyo, Japan- logistics startup focusing on end-to-end automation technologies starting with their automated robot storage system Renatus

Realtime Robotics Raises Additional $9.5M in Funding
Boston, MA - Leader in collision-free autonomous motion planning for industrial robots.

Robok Raises $2.1M in Growth & Grant Funding
Cambridge, UK - Building AI-powered computer vision to logistics and industrial workplaces.

Intelecy Raises USD3.5M in Funding
Oslo, Norway - No-code AI platform for industrial engineers and plant operators.

Brilliant Labs Raises US$3.0M in Seed Funding
Singapore - Developer of generative AI-embedded AR glasses.  Investors include creators and developers from Oculus, Siri, and iPhone.

Ermes Cyber Security Raises €3M in Series A Funding
Turin, Italy - AI powered web threat protection company.

Resistant AI Extends Series A to $27.6M
Prague, Czech Republic - Artificial intelligence and machine learning security company.

Nokod Raises $8M in Seed Funding
Tel Aviv, Israel - Developing security for low-code / no-code custom applications and Robotic Process Automation.


SourceCode Acquires Boston Limited

Ramp Acquires

Databricks to Acquire MosaicML

Accenture Completes Acquisition of Flutura

Socure Acquires Berbix for Approx. $70M

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