AI Funding News: Week Ending 5.03

Lets dive into the movers and shakers who raised funding this week!

AI Funding News: Week Ending 5.03

Welcome to the 1st week of May! From cybersecurity to enhancing cloud computations, these AI companies are not just playing in the big leagues—they're setting up shop!

Take CoreWeave who raised a massive $1.1 Billion in Series C funding in Palo Alto, or Lumini snagging a cool $25M to help businesses deploy generative AI apps.

So, let's dive in:


Lamini Raises $25M in Funding

  • Palo Alto, CA - Lamini, a startup building a platform to help enterprises deploy generative AI applications, raised $25M in seed and Series A funding.

Bricklayer AI Raises $2.5M in Pre-Seed Funding

  • McLean, VA - Bricklayer AI Inc., offering AI cybersecurity solutions that enable autonomous AI specialists to work alongside human experts, raised $2.5M in pre-seed funding.

Indicium Raises $40M Investment from Columbia Capital

  • NYC, NY and São Paulo, Brazil - Indicium, a data and AI consultancy, raised a $40M investment from Columbia Capital.

Monocle Raises $7.5M in Seed Funding

  • NYC, NY - Monocle, an AI-powered promotion platform provider, emerged from stealth with $7.5M in seed funding.

CoreWeave Raises $1.1 Billion in Series C Funding

  • Roseland, NJ - CoreWeave, a specialized cloud provider for AI, raised $1.1 billion in Series C funding.

Traceable AI Raises $30M in Funding

  • San Francisco, CA - Traceable AI, an API security company, raised $30M in funding.

Baselayer Raises $6.5M in Seed Funding

  • NYC, NY - Baselayer, a B2B platform utilizing proprietary Graph AI technology to fight fraud and optimize business onboarding, emerged from stealth with a $6.5M seed funding round.

AiDash Raises $58.5M in Series C Funding

  • San Jose, CA - AiDash, an enterprise SaaS company that uses satellites and AI to make critical infrastructure industries climate resilient and sustainable, raised $58.5M in Series C funding.

Trovo Health Raises $15M in Seed Funding

  • NYC, NY - Trovo Health, which offers an AI-powered platform helping health providers extend their capabilities, raised $15M in Seed funding.

Inhabitr Raises $27M in Series B Funding

  • San Francisco, CA - Inhabitr, an AI-powered commercial real estate furnishing platform, raised $27M in Series B funding.

Blaize Raises $106M in Funding

  • El Dorado Hills, CA - Blaize, an AI computing developer providing edge computing solutions, raised $106M in funding.

BioIntelligence Technologies Raises $5M in Funding

  • Sherbrooke, QC, Canada - BioIntelligence Technologies, which has developed an AI-powered solution to reduce losses in industrial bioprocesses, raised $5M in funding.

Yoneda Labs Raises $4M in Seed Funding

  • San Francisco, CA - Yoneda Labs, an AI-powered drug discovery startup, raised $4M in Seed funding.


Apex Raises $7M In Seed Funding

  • Tel Aviv, Israel - Apex, an AI security company, emerged from stealth with $7M in seed funding.

Ikerian Closes USD 6.18M Series A Extension Financing

  • Bern, Switzerland - Ikerian AG, the parent company of RetinAI U.S., which develops software solutions for medical image and data management as well as AI in healthcare, raised USD 6.18M in Series A extension funding.

Wisdomise Raises $9.5M in Funding

  • Zug, Switzerland - Wisdomise, a provider of an AI infrastructure and investment platform, raised $9.5M in funding.

AISAP Raises $13M in Seed Funding

  • Tel Aviv, Israel - AISAP, providing an AI-powered point of care assisted diagnosis (POCAD)™ solution for the medical ultrasound industry, raised $13M in Seed funding.

Symbe Raises £1.2M in Pre-Seed Funding

  • London, UK - Symbe, a provider of an AI-powered platform that helps sales teams win more deals by automating the creation of business cases, raised £1.2M in Pre-Seed funding. Raises $4.8M in Seed Funding

  • Berlin, Germany -, a startup that uses AI and computer vision to optimize picking processes in warehouses, raised $4.8M in Seed funding.


Cin7 Acquires Inventoro

  • Denver, CO and Prague, Czech Republic - Cin7, an inventory and order management software provider, acquired Inventoro, specializing in AI-driven sales forecasting and replenishment optimization.

GrubMarket Acquires Global Produce

  • San Francisco, CA and Cape Town, South Africa - GrubMarket, providing AI-powered technology for the food supply chain industry, acquired Global Produce, a fresh produce business.

Rippl Acquires Kinto

  • Seattle, WA and Boston, MA - Rippl, a dementia-focused specialty care provider, acquired Kinto, a provider of an AI-enabled dementia caregiver support platform.

Deloitte Acquires Gryphon Scientific

  • Takoma Park, MD—Deloitte acquired substantially all the assets of Gryphon Scientific, a leader in biosafety, biosecurity, and all-hazards preparedness and response that uses AI to enhance security and safety.

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