AI Funding News: Week Ending 4.19

Welcome to this weeks round up of AI and robotics companies.

AI Funding News: Week Ending 4.19

Welcome to this weeks round up of AI and robotics companies.

North America: Closes $16M Series A Funding - San Francisco, CA -, a provider of a comprehensive AI-powered revenue platform, raised $16M in Series A funding.

Hatch Raises $3M in Seed Funding - New York, NY - Hatch, providing AI-powered donor engagement solutions for nonprofits, raised $3M in Seed funding.

ClaimScore Raises $3.15M in Seed Funding - Pompton Lakes, NJ - ClaimScore, offering AI-based, real-time claim validation software, raised $3.15M in Seed funding.

AI Squared Raises $13.8M in Series A Funding - Washington, DC - AI Squared, assisting organizations with integrating data and AI insights into business applications, raised $13.8M in Series A funding.

Take2 AI Raises $3M in Seed Funding - New York, NY - Take2 AI, providing an AI-powered job simulation platform for sales recruiting, raised $3M in Seed funding.

Upstage Raises $72M in Series B Funding - San Jose, CA - Upstage, specializing in large language models (LLMs) and Document AI, raised $72M in Series B funding.

Somite Raises $5.3M in Pre-Seed Funding - Boston, MA - Somite, developing AI for stem cell biology, raised $5.3M in Pre-Seed funding.

Rivos Raises More Than $250M in Series A-3 Funding
Santa Clara, CA - Rivos, a RISC-V accelerated platform company targeting data analytics and Generative AI, raised more than $250M in Series A-3 funding.

Dot Compliance Raises $17.5M in Series B Extension Funding
Phoenix, AZ - Dot Compliance, a provider of AI-enabled quality management system (QMS) solutions, raised $17.5M in Series B funding.

HumanX Raises $6M in Funding - New York, NY - HumanX, an AI strategy company serving as a catalyst for organizations in the dynamic AI landscape, raised $6M in funding.


Cognivia Raises €15.5M in Funding - Mont-Saint-Guibert, Belgium - Cognivia, an AI company dedicated to innovating pharmaceutical and biotech clinical research, raised €15.5M in funding.

Greeneye Technologies Raises $20M in Funding - Tel Aviv, Israel - Greeneye Technologies, specializing in AI-enabled precision spraying technology, raised $20M in funding.

HealthSage AI Closes €3M Seed Funding - Amsterdam, Netherlands - HealthSage AI, which specializes in healthcare delivery and patient pathways with generative AI, raised €3M in Seed funding.

FYLD Raises £12M in Funding - London, UK - FYLD, a provider of an AI-powered field work execution platform, raised £12M in funding.

Verify Raises €1M in Funding - Amsterdam, Netherlands - Verify, an AI startup developing AI algorithms for images and videos, raised €1M in funding.

Bridgewise Raises $21M in Funding - London, UK - Bridgewise, a provider of an AI-based analysis platform for global securities, raised $21M in funding.

Lawhive Raises £9.5M in Seed Funding - London, UK - Lawhive, an AI legal software startup, raised £9.5M in Seed funding.


Argmax Acquires Ginzi - Ramat Gan, Israel / Tel Aviv, Israel - Argmax, a leader in AI service provision, acquired Ginzi, an innovative startup specializing in AI solutions for customer support teams.

ceτi AI Acquires Big Energy Investments Inc. - Vancouver, Canada - ceτi AI, a leader in decentralized artificial intelligence infrastructure, acquired Big Energy Investments Inc., specializing in high-performance computing infrastructure.

Thoughtworks Acquires Technology and People from Watchful - San Francisco, CA - Thoughtworks acquired technology and personnel from Watchful, enhancing its capabilities in accelerating AI model creation and deployment.

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