AI Funding News: Week Ending 3.08

Welcome this week's round up ai and robotics companies that received funding.

AI Funding News: Week Ending 3.08

This week's AI and robotics funding landscape showcases a dynamic mix of seed rounds, Series A, B, and C investments, alongside strategic acquisitions.

From secure AI agent platforms to innovative mental health solutions and groundbreaking dental AI advancements, each announcement reflects a leap forward in the application and development of artificial intelligence and robotics across a wide range of industries.

Let's dive in:


BREV/ΛN Raises $9M in Seed Funding

  • Sunnyvale, CA - BREV/ɅN, a provider of a platform for building secure and customizable AI agents with enterprise data, raised $9M in Seed funding.

Defense Unicorns Raises $35M in Series A Funding

  • Colorado Springs, CO - Defense Unicorns, a software startup providing open source software and AI capabilities for National Security systems, raised $35M in Series A funding.

Cogna Raises £3.76M in Funding

  • London, UK - Cogna, a provider of an AI-driven SaaS platform to create customised software applications, raised £3.76M in funding.

TollBit Raises $7M in Funding

  • New York, NY - TollBit, offering AI bots and data scrapers a compliant way to compensate websites directly for content, raised $7M in funding.

Jabali Raises $5M in Seed Funding

  • San Francisco, CA and Raleigh, NC - Jabali, an AI company advancing a generative AI game engine, raised $5M in Seed funding.

Limbic Raises $14M in Funding

  • New York, NY and London, UK - Limbic, a clinical mental health AI technology company, raised $14M in funding.

Ema Raises $25M in Seed Plus Funding

  • Mountain View, CA - Ema, a developer of next-generation AI solutions for enterprises, raised $25M in Seed Plus funding.

HData Raises $10M in Series A Funding

  • Birmingham, AL - HData, using AI and automation to assist the U.S. government and regulated industries, raised $10M in Series A funding.

Taalas Raises $50M in Funding

  • Toronto, Canada - Taalas Inc., an innovator in AI and silicon, raised $50M over two rounds of funding.

Rios Intelligent Machines Raises $13M in Series B Funding

  • Menlo Park, CA - Rios Intelligent Machines, specializing in AI and robotics for automating warehouse operations, raised $13M in Series B funding.

Overjet Raises $53.2M in Series C Funding

  • Boston, MA - Overjet, a dental-AI company enhancing dental care through AI, raised $53.2M in Series C funding.

Baseten Raises $40M in Series B Funding

  • San Francisco, CA - Baseten, an AI infrastructure company, raised $40M in Series B funding.

Raspberry AI Raises $4.5M in Seed Funding

  • New York, NY - Raspberry AI, a generative AI platform for fashion designers, raised $4.5M in Seed funding.

Particle Raises $4.4M in Seed Funding

  • San Francisco, CA - Particle, an AI news reader startup, raised $4.4M in Seed funding.


Haiper Raises $13.8M in Seed Funding

  • London, UK - Haiper, a video-generative AI platform building a foundation model for visual content, is coming out of stealth mode with $13.8M in Seed funding.


Cycode Acquires Bearer

  • San Francisco, CA - Cycode, specializing in application security posture management (ASPM), announced the acquisition of Bearer, a provider of an AI-powered SAST, API discovery, and data leak protection solution based in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Groq Acquires Definitive Intelligence

  • Mountain View, CA - Groq, a generative AI solutions company, acquired Definitive Intelligence, a Los Altos, CA-based company that utilizes data to empower organizations with actionable insights powered by AI.

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