AI Funding News: Week Ending 2.23

This weeks wrap up of funding in Ai and robotics companies

AI Funding News: Week Ending 2.23
Ai Funding News Week Ending 2.23

This week’s funding announcements spotlight growth across various sectors from healthcare to environmental conservation.

Startups like UnityAI in Nashville focusing on improving patient care, to San Jose's Recogni pushing the boundaries of AI-based computing for vehicles.

Let's dive in:


  1. UnityAI Raises $4M in Seed Funding - Nashville, TN - UnityAI, a healthcare technology startup, raised $4M in Seed funding to date.
  2. Recogni Raises $102M in Series C Funding - San Jose, CA - Recogni, an AI-based computing company, raised $102M in Series C funding.
  3. VectorShift Raises $3M in Seed Funding - New York, NY - VectorShift, a generative AI application development platform, raised $3M in Seed funding.
  4. CLARA Analytics Receives Investment From Nationwide Ventures - Santa Clara, CA - CLARA Analytics, an AI as a Service (AIaaS) provider, received an investment from Nationwide Ventures.
  5. Novity Secures $7.8M in Funding - San Carlos, CA - Novity, a provider of predictive maintenance AI for process industry clients, raised $7.8M in funding.
  6. Qloo Secures $25M in Series C Funding - New York, NY - Qloo, a cultural AI company, raised $25M in Series C funding.
  7. ISHI Health Raises $4M in Funding - San Diego, CA - ISHI Health, an AI-powered virtual clinic specializing in heart failure and complex cardiac disease care, raised $4M in funding.
  8. Finpilot Raises $4M in Seed Funding - Seattle, WA - Finpilot, a provider of an AI fintech platform for financial analysts, raised $4M in Seed funding.
  9. Firsthand Raises Seed Funding - New York, NY - Firsthand, enabling brands and publishers to build and distribute AI agents, emerged from stealth with an undisclosed Seed funding round.
  10. Highway 9 Networks Raises $25M in Funding - Santa Clara, CA - Highway 9 Networks, a provider of a mobile cloud for cloud-native mobility and services for the AI-driven enterprise, raised $25M in funding.
  11. Conservation Labs Raises $7.5M in Series A Funding - Pittsburgh, PA - Conservation Labs, providing an AI platform that decodes audio data into actionable insights to reduce carbon emissions and energy and water usage, raised $7.5M in Series A funding.


  1. Loora Raised $12M in Series A Funding - Tel Aviv, Israel - Loora, an AI English language learning company, raised $12M in Series A funding.
  2. AZmed Raises €15M in Funding - Paris, France - AZmed, a MedTech startup providing AI-powered radiology software, raised €15M in funding.
  3. Altavo Closes €5M Series A Funding - Dresden and Jena, Germany - Altavo, an AI-based voice rehabilitation company, raised €5M in Series A funding.
  4. Bioptimus Raises $35M in Seed Funding - Paris, France - Bioptimus, a biotechnology company providing an AI foundation model for research, raised $35M in Seed funding.
  5. promiseQ Raises Seed Funding - Berlin, Germany - promiseQ, providing an AI-based video surveillance platform, raised an undisclosed amount in Seed funding
  6. Napier AI Raises £45M in Funding - London, UK -Napier AI, providing financial crime compliance software, raised £45M in funding.
  7. BRIA Raises $24M in Series A Funding - Tel Aviv, Israel - BRIA, a provider of a responsible visual generative AI open platform, raised $24M in Series A funding.
  8. DustPhotonics Raises $24M in Series B Follow-on Round - Modi’in, Israel - DustPhotonics, a developer of silicon photonics technology for data center and AI applications, raised $24M in Series B follow-on funding.


  1. Archer Acquires - Overland Park, KS - Archer, providing an integrated risk management solution, acquired, a provider of AI-driven regulatory change management solutions.