AI Funding News: Week Ending 10.20

This has been a odd week for sure.

AI Funding News: Week Ending 10.20
AI funding news 10.20

In a week that has proven slower than usual on the funding front, it's intriguing to see how investment patterns have played out geographically. Interestingly, the EMEA region has been more active than the US, witnessing several notable investments in the AI and tech sectors.

From generative AI platforms revolutionizing marketing campaigns in San Mateo to pioneering advancements in solar cell technology in Singapore, this week's funding recap offers a varied landscape of innovation and enterprise.

Let's dive into the details and uncover the standout stories from the USA, EMEA, and APAC:

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  1. Tofu Raises $5M in Seed Funding - San Mateo, CA - Tofu, a generative AI platform designed for crafting large-scale marketing campaigns, secured $5M in Seed funding.
  2. micro1 Secures $1.3M in Funding - Los Angeles, CA - micro1, offering an AI-driven platform for recruiting software engineers, raised $1.3M in funding.
  3. Bluebirds Raises $5M in Seed Funding - Pleasanton, CA - Bluebirds, an AI-powered platform assisting outbound teams in achieving their revenue objectives, garnered $5M in Seed funding.
  4. Hayden AI Closes $53M Series B Funding Round - San Francisco, CA - Hayden AI, a pioneer in artificial intelligence and geospatial analytics, successfully closed a $53M Series B funding round.
  5. Reality Defender Secures $15M in Series A Funding - NYC, NY - Reality Defender, providing an AI-generated media detection platform, raised $15M in Series A funding.


  1. Skoon Energy Secures $5.6M in Series A Funding - Rotterdam, Netherlands - Skoon Energy, offering an AI-driven software solution for green mobile energy, secured $5.6M in Series A funding.
  2. Ai Build Raises $8.5M in Series A Funding - London, UK - Ai Build, an additive manufacturing software firm, raised $8.5M in Series A funding.
  3. Auquan Closes $3.5M Seed Funding Round - London, UK - Auquan, a leading AI solution for financial services, successfully closed a $3.5M seed funding round.
  4. Aindo Secures €6M in Series A Funding - Trieste, Italy - Aindo, a generative AI startup known for its patented synthetic data generation technology, garnered €6M in Series A funding.
  5. Kao Data Receives Investment From Infratil and Legal & General Capital - London, UK - Kao Data, a developer and operator of data centers catering to enterprise, cloud, HPC, and AI, attained an investment from Infratil and Legal & General Capital.
  6. Neura Robotics Raises $16M in Funding - Metzingen, Germany - Neura Robotics, a rising star in the AI and robotics sector, secured $16M in funding.


  1. Cosmos Innovation Raises $19.7M in Funding - Singapore - Cosmos Innovation, an AI-first pioneer advancing next-gen perovskite silicon tandem (PST) solar cell technology, garnered $19.7M in Series A funding.

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