AI Funding News: Week Ending 01.26

This weeks AI Funding news!

AI Funding News: Week Ending 01.26

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It's here! This week's funding news in the ai and robotics across the globe.

Seeing a slight uptick in the amount of funding from last week as 2024 gets moving.

From advancements in AI-driven platforms in healthcare, legal services, and sustainable infrastructure, to the development of new data centers engineered for AI computing, the investments reveal a dynamic landscape of technological growth and potential.

Let's dive in!

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North America:

  1. Bagel Network Closes $3.1M Pre-Seed Funding - Toronto, Canada - Bagel Network, a provider of a decentralized Machine Learning data network at the intersection of AI and web3, raised $3.1M in Pre-Seed funding.
  2. AiDash Raises $50M in Series C Funding - San Jose, CA - AiDash, an enterprise SaaS company making infrastructure industries climate-resilient and sustainable with satellites and AI, raised $50M in Series C funding.
  3. Norm Ai Raises $11.1M in Seed Funding and ViralMoment Raises $2.5M in Seed Funding - New York, NY and Menlo Park, CA - Norm Ai, a company working for regulatory compliance with AI agents, raised $11.1M in Seed funding. ViralMoment, a provider of AI-powered social video insights and analytics solutions, raised $2.5M in Seed funding.
  4. Cultivo Raises $14M in Series A Funding - Pleasanton, CA - Cultivo, a public benefit corporation providing an AI-driven science and technology platform, raised $14M in Series A funding.
  5. Raises $100K in Angel Funding - Dallas, TX -, an AI startup for lawyers, raised $100K in funding.
  6. Digs Raises $7M in Seed Funding - Vancouver, WA - Digs, a provider of an AI collaboration platform for home builders and homeowners, raised $7M in Seed funding.
  7. TextQL Raises $4.1M in Pre-Seed Funding - San Francisco, CA - TextQL, a startup building an AI data analyst connecting clients to BI tools, semantic layers, and documentation, raised $4.1M in Pre-Seed funding.
  8. AiCure Raises $12M Loan Refinancing And Additional $4M+ From Existing Investors - New York, NY - AiCure, an AI and advanced data analytics company focused on clinical trials, raised $12M in loan refinancing and an additional $4M+ from its existing investors.
  9. OnPoint Healthcare Partners Receives Growth Funding - Flower Mound, TX - OnPoint Healthcare Partners, an AI-enabled technology services provider offering solutions to hospitals and medical groups, received growth funding.
  10. RagaAI Raises $4.7M in Funding - San Francisco, CA - RagaAI, a technology company specializing in AI testing, raised $4.7M in funding.


  1. Kao Data Completes £206M Debt Raise - London, UK - Kao Data, a developer and operator of data centres engineered for AI and advanced computing, completed a new £206M debt raise, with an extendable accordion facility to £356M from Deutsche Bank.
  2. Prompt Security Raises $5M in Seed Funding - Tel Aviv, Israel - Prompt Security, a provider of a platform for enterprise generative AI security, raised $5M in Seed funding.
  3. Axyon AI Raises €3.9M in Funding - Modena, Italy - Axyon AI, an AI fintech company, raised €3.9M in funding.
  4. OctaiPipe Raises £3.5M in Funding - London, UK - OctaiPipe, an end-to-end Edge AI platform, raised £3M in pre-Series A funding and a £500K grant from Innovate UK.
  5. OpenDialog Raises Over $8M in Series A Funding - London, UK - OpenDialog, a provider of a conversational AI platform used by regulated industries, raised over $8M in Series A funding.
  6. Metris Energy Raises £2M in Pre-Seed Funding - London, UK - Metris Energy, a provider of an AI-powered solar energy platform for commercial property owners, raised £2M in Pre-Seed funding.


  1. Artisse AI Raises $6.7M in Seed Funding - Hong Kong - Artisse AI, a company specializing in human-centric AI image technology, raised $6.7M in Seed funding.
  2. bluesheets Raises US$6.5M in Series A Funding - Singapore - bluesheets, an AI automation software company, raised US$6.5M in Series A funding.

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