Ai Funding News: Week Ending 9.1

This week, we've got everything from AI-enhanced proactive care companions to lunar construction robots.

Ai Funding News: Week Ending 9.1
Ai Funding News Week Ending 9.1

Welcome to this week's roundup of the most notable investments, funding rounds, and acquisitions in the AI ecosystem. From San Francisco's bustling startup scene to Europe's emerging tech hubs and Asia's innovation centers, we have curated the top headlines to keep you informed on the dynamic world of artificial intelligence.

This week, we've got everything from AI-enhanced proactive care companions to lunar construction robots.

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  1. Superframe Raises $5M Seed Funding for AI-Driven Go To Market Tech Stack Optimization
    San Francisco, CA - A provider of AI-powered tools for optimizing companies' Go To Market tool stack configuration.
  2. Alias Technologies Raised $3M In Seed Funding
    San Francisco, CA - An applied AI company specializing in social media applications using generative media and multi-modal AI systems. Their tool BeFake helps people be fake on the internet!
  3. Elemental Cognition Closed $60M Series B Funding
    New York, NY - An AI technology provider committed to tackling the most challenging problems.
  4. Speak - Supported by OpenAI Startup Fund, Secures $16M in Series B-2 Funding
    San Francisco, CA - A forward-thinking AI language startup.
  5. AI21 Labs Raised $155M in Series C Funding and Valued at $1.4 Billion!
    Tel Aviv, Israel - A frontrunner in AI and large language models (LLMs).
  6. Voxel AI Raises $12M for Workplace Safety and Efficiency
    San Francisco, CA - An innovative AI startup employing computer vision to enhance safety and operations in professional settings.
  7. Secures $10M in Series A Funding for AI Troubleshooting
    Austin, TX - An AI-enhanced troubleshooting firm.
  8. Ideogram Raised $16.5M Seed Funding for AI Text-to-Image Tech
    Toronto, Canada - A generative AI venture focusing on converting text into images.
  9. Receives $6.5M Seed Investment for its AI-driven Software Testing Solutions
    Lehi, UT - A dedicated provider of software test automation solutions.
  10. Gitai Raises $15M to Build Construction Robots for Lunar Bases and Cities on Mars
    Los Angeles, CA - Space robotics startup, raised additional US$15m in funding


  1. Raised €2.5M in Seed Funding
    Helsinki, Finland - A provider of product design and collaboration software tailored for data teams.
  2. Starcart's AI-Powered Shopping Platform Secures €3.5m in Seed Funding
    Helsinki, Finland - A provider of a next-gen AI-driven shopping platform.
  3. Secures $3.5M in Funding Led By Google Ventures and Theory Ventures for LLM Application Analytics
    London, UK - A leading provider of a product analytics platform designed for LLM-driven applications.
  4. QuantHealth Raised $15M Series A Round
    Tel Aviv, Israel - An AI-driven clinical trial design startup.
  5. Intuition Robotics Raises $25M for its AI Proactive Care Companion
    Ramat Gan, Israel - A developer of an AI-enhanced proactive care companion specifically for the senior demographic.
  6. Jitty Gains Momentum in AI-Powered Property Search Space with $2M Pre-Seed Funding
    London, UK - A trailblazer in offering an AI-enhanced property search engine.


  1. Intuition Robotics Raises $25M for its AI Proactive Care Companion Seongnam-si, South Korea-based AI semiconductor company, raised $45m in Series A funding

Acquisitions: 🀝

  1. AMD Completes Acquisition of Mipsology
    Palaiseau, France - Mipsology, an AI software trailblazer and a long-time AMD collaborator, joins the AMD family.
  2. Saab Makes Strategic Acquisition of BlueBear
    Oakley, UK - BlueBear, a provider of AI-fueled autonomous swarm systems dedicated to intricate defence and security use-cases, now joins Saab.

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